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Sewer/Septic Pumping Information

What information is needed when making an appointment

When calling to make an appointment for a septic pumping, please make sure you have the following information:

  • Your physical address

  • How many tanks you have and what size they are

  • Are your manhole covers exposed so they can be easily taken off

Septic Tank inspections

Septic systems are required to be maintenained or checked every 3 years.  Northside Septic Service LLC not only will come and pump your tanks but  do a thorough inspection to check the condition of the tanks and system. For the tanks to be up to code, the man hole covers should be up to grade so they can easily be accessed anytime.

To find your manhole cover

If you are unsure of where your manhole covers are you can contact your local unit of government to request your septic information. They should have your septic information that they can send you with your tank sizing and location. 

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