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Compliance Inspections

Subsurface sewage treatment system (SSTS) compliance inspections are conducted for:

  • Existing systems — To determine whether the system is functioning properly to protect public health and groundwater. Existing system inspections are a snapshot of the current condition of the system and cannot be used to estimate the future perforance of a system.

  • A compliance inspection is typically required during the sale of a home, and sometimes when a permit is pulled to do other work on the property. 

How long does it typically take to complete a compliance inspection?

Northside Septic Service, LLC. completes compliance inspections within 10 business days or sooner from when it was ordered. 

What is checked during a compliance inspection? 

There are a number of items to check during a septic inspection, the main things are:

  • Tank integrity .

    • We are checking to see if the tank is watertight both above and below the liquid level, baffles are in place, and that is has the proper access for maintenance.​

  • Soil separation

    • Measuring the vertical separation between the bottom of the rock in the drainfield down to the restricting layer in the soil. ​

  • Hydraulic function

    • This check is to make sure that the water is being absorbed into the soil as designed rather than backing up into the home or leaking out of the drainfield to the surface. ​

If you have any other questions about compliance inspections and pricing, please contact the office at 763-444-7898

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